Nous sommes facilitateurs d'intégration

We accompany you through each step of your relocation

Relocalyon’s role is to help employees to move to Lyon in the best possible conditions.

We look after new arrivals from the moment they arrive until it’s time for them to hang their curtains! Relocalyon is at your service at all times and we guarantee personalized service based on dialogue and mutual confidence.

Personally accompanying clients when necessary

As ‘feel-at-home facilitators’ we do everything we can to simplify the professional mobility of employees.

High standards of service, reactivity to the demands of clients and flexibility are the core values of Relocalyon.

We earnestly strive to make new arrivals feel at home as quickly as possible, and to ensure that their initial contact with Lyon goes smoothly and serenely from the moment they arrive in order to make them feel at home.

Aurélie Baratin

Who is the driving force behind Relocalyon?

Relocalyon was created by Aurélie Baratin.
She is intimately connected to the Rhône Alpes region, and has an exceptional talent for making new arrivals feel at home.
She also has the advantage of having an excellent real estate network in Lyon at her disposition. She knows how to listen to your needs and live up to your expectations.

Aurélie Baratin has vast experience of company culture and worked for major companies including LVMH, L’Oréal, Accenture and Panzani before beginning her new career in relocation.

Her experience has enabled her to create a new approach to the world of relocation that is solidly based on the daily realities that companies face.